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Eskie Profile
MrMr   MisterMister

Mister is an adorable eskie 3 years old nueter male, medium eskie and a little over weight. He loves to have all your attention on him and is happy laying around being petting. He does like to be out doors if his human is with him.He is always ready to please his human. He will play only when he has to otherwise he is content to lay in the grass soaking up the sun or cool breeze. He does need his human to walk with him and get him to run and keep him on a diet. He will eat his food and any one elses that is left there. He doesn't like to see food sittting out going to waste. So if you adopt him please keep him on a diet and excercise him regularly. He was given to us by a rescue in OK as a female but we soon discovered that she was not a Missy but a mister, and he does have an adorable face that 1 mister just wasn't enough for him. So please come and let Mister Mister steal your heart

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